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Hydraulic Pumps

GEYSER - it's a fundamentally new oil production complex, which allows monitoring and remote control of the process in real time with minimal participation of maintenance personnel. It's designed for rapid assessment of oil well parameters, continuous extraction of formation fluid and oil production from reservoirs located at a depth of up to 2500 meters and from low-debit wells. Hydraulic drive for pumping equipment can be used instead of Deep-­‐Well Rod Pumps (DWRP) and Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP). When performing on difficult wells, hydraulic
drive ensures increase in oil production as well as costs decrease as follows:

  • intermitting flow

  • marginal weels

  • deep weels

  • deviated weels

  • wells with high content of solids as well as deposits of asphalts, resins, paraffins and water.


Electronic Control System (ECS)
GEYSER electronic control system, with the help of unique software, can regulate the operation smoothness of polished rod stroke and a wide range of double stroke number regulation.
Quick adjustement for actual load, self-control, automatic aunch and stop, the possibility to control the deep well pump filling as per pressure sensors
information in pressure and drain lines are provided.

Components of the Drive
1. Supporting frame with hydraulic cylinder 
2. Pumping station with a power plant and electronic control system

Special software with smart control, parameter monitoring, protection and emergency care, dynagraph analysis, diagnostics.

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