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Automation Systems

Our Company acting as a "System Automation Supplier" from conceptual design to start-up and commissioning, Designs and Integrates Safety and Control customized systems to meet all possible requirements from extraction and production to transportation, storage and billing.

control systems

safety systems


electrical & control instrumentation

 Control systems:

  • PCS Process Control Systems

  • UCP/LCP Unite Control Panels and Local

  • Control panels PLC & DCS

  • RTU & SCADA Systems

  • Tanks Gauging Management systems (TGM)

  • Analysis cabinet

  • ECS Electrical Control Systems


  • Master Terminal Unit (MTU)

  • Remote Terminal Unite (RTU)

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition

  • Transmission data acquisition systems


 Safety systems:

  • PSD Process Shutdown Systems

  • ESD Emergency Shutdown Systems

  • HIPPS High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

  • BMS Burner Menagement Systems

  • Integreted control and safety systems ICSS

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MC Group Italy supplies “turn-key” EPC systems covering entire project lifecycle and ensuring highest performance, availability and reliability in compliance with International standards &
regulations for complete Customer satisfaction.

 Electrical & control instrumentation:

  • Packaged control rooms

  • Field instrumentation supply

  • Control and electrical construction services

  • Instrument engineering

  • Analyser and sampling engineering

  • Commissioning and startup

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